Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mouse capers

Well for those of you staying up late at night pondering our mice problem I'm here to put you at ease. I woke up this morning to find two cute little gray furry friends in the trap I put under the sink last night. Mike put them in our little cage and set them out in the garage for the day.

After careful consideration we decided to let them go in an open grassy field after dinner tonight. They were just too wild. Every time we got near the cage they started jumping and hitting the wire bars and stuff. I don't think I could have ever cleaned out the cage or fed them without them hopping right out of there. Also, Amy got me all worked up about contracting Hanta virus through contact with rodents and their droppings. Yuck. One way to talk sense into me is to threaten me with a deadly contagious disease.

So anyway, our whole family went and set them free together. We told the kids that they were wild mice who didn't deserve to be in a cage. Then we opened the cage doors and watched as both mice did not want to come out. They even jumped in their little exercise wheel and started being all adorable and stuff. Finally, Mike took the top of the cage off and one of them hopped out and ran for cover in the tall grass. The other one (Anatole, I'm afraid) hopped out and got so freaked out he ran in the opposite direction of his friend into a completely open and coverless area. I fear he's doomed. I said a prayer for their safety and we bid them a fond farewell with Jake and Emma lamenting that they were sure going to miss Anatole. Good luck mice friends. Oh, and please don't come back to our house.

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  1. Now I know why I finally slept great last night after tossing and turning for days. I am relieved and after a bit of time I may come to your house again. : )

    Love you!