Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Wow. I'm gettin' on up there. Fairly certain I'm going to need bifocals this year too. Sheesh. But, I hear that you're only as old as you feel and most days I feel forty. Tops.

Some nice hubby bought me these pretty roses. He also gave me a nice card and he gave me a separate card from our offspring. On the front it has a mug shot of a cat with the words GUILTY and STALKING on it. Then you open it up and it says "May birthday happiness follow you everywhere...day and night...always there...every freakin' moment." Signed appropriately enough, Jake and Emma.

We started off the day with a trip to Starbucks because anyone who just turned 42 needs a good jolt of caffeine to get going. I bought the kids their very own hot chocolates which they took two sips of and then declared they were done. Oh, no you didn't. When somebody buys you Starbucks, you drink every single drop. They did eat their entire birthday donut with sprinkles though. And I ate every bit of my berry coffee cake and drank every drop of my FREE grande skinny vanilla latte. The skinny part is very important because even though it's my birthday, I'm not gonna go all crazy with calories. Until someone gives me cake.

Don't ask me why Jake has scissors.

I spent the rest of the morning doing laundry and cleaning the bathrooms. Looks like 42 is going to be just as glamorous as 41 was. At the beginning of the year I declared Tuesdays to be bathroom cleaning day. I wish I had had the foresight to look ahead and see what day my birthday fell on this year. I might have declared Thursday to be bathroom cleaning day instead.

By 1pm Emma Mae had approximately 32 emotional meltdowns and ended up having to go to time out. Which may be why Jake never busted out that chocolate cake he was talking up.

Mike had to go straight to school from work so my sweet friend Leslie insisted that I bring the kids over to her house for a home cooked meal. Thank you Leslie! She made yummy fudge pie for dessert.

Don't ask me why I look so surprised. We took fifty pictures before we came up with this one that's barely passable of me.

I got home from dinner and had these lovelies waiting for me on the doorstep. Thank you Papa and Sally!

And last but certainly not least, my sweet hubby brought home my favorite birthday cake for me after school-chocolate bakery cake with white buttercream frosting. And I don't feel at all guilty eating cake on top of pie. All in all I've had a great birthday. Thank you everyone!

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