Monday, January 30, 2012

Brother/sister conversations

Actual conversation between Jake and Emma Mae coming home from school today. Neither one of our children choose to pronounce the "r" or "l" sound yet. So, I'm typing it the way they spoke it.

Emma: "Jake! I got hit two times today and I did not wike it!"

Jake: "Who hit you Emma?"

Emma: "Zachawy did." "Two times."

Jake: "Well, the next time Zachawy hits you just tell him that he's not being nice and you don't want him to hit you ever, ever, ever again! Tell him your friend Jake said so, and also I'm your brother. And then just tell him to go hit someone else."

Emma: long pause..."Jake! Zachawy can't hit other people either. That's not vewy nice."

Jake: "Emma, you wight. Just tell him to go hit himself next time."

Both kids laughing hysterically.

Jake: "Oh Emma! Tell him to hit himself. That's so funny!"

Emma: "you wight Jake! that is funny!"

Both kids spent the next five minutes laughing while hitting themselves on the head. Why can't I be so easily entertained?

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