Sunday, January 8, 2012

Emma Mae

You know the moment you realize that it is way too quiet in your house? In this case, we realized that Emma Mae had been very quiet in her room for about half an hour. This is what Miss Thing gets up to when left to her own devices. She stacks things. She organizes. She loves to take all of her little toys out of their baskets and put them into other containers. Or spread them on the floor. Whatever. I see a future for her working at the Container Store or something.


  1. Oh My. She is so cute. I sure miss her and Jake and you. I found one of Jake's bullets yesterday. I love all of you. Mom

  2. Hi Kim- I TOTALLY have moments like that, too...when I suddenly realize it's been quiet for waaay too long. I usually find a fort or lego disaster. :) I love that Jake had to keep the girls from kissing him. He is quite the charmer... so, so cute.