Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sorry, it's just a list...

1.) I went to the dentist for the first time in seven years today. Seven years. I was deeply afraid. Guess what? Perfect teeth! I have to thank my parents for living in Hereford, Tx for a few years while I was young. High flouride in the water equals no cavities for me! Plus, I loved, loved, loved my new dentist office-I may go back in six months instead of six years.

2.) It took Jake about 20 minutes to put his toys away tonight. That's twenty minutes that I will never get back. Because I had to supervise the entire thing. Because although I have explained the organization system put in place in his bedroom about 400 times, he forgets it every single night. Frustrating. During all the putting away, he found two pieces of trash. He asked me what he should do with them. I said "how about you throw them in the trash?" He said okay, but first he had to unzip his pj's all the way down to his feet. Then he began looking in the feet of the pj's and even in his underwear. I was all "jake, what are you doing? that's not where the trash goes." Turns out before he could throw away the trash, he had to find his little toy dinosaur that he had stored in his jammies or underwear first. I'm not sure where exactly he located the little guy because I had to leave the room at that point.

3.) I love it when Jake figures something out for the first time and then says "mommy! i'm smart because I have big brains."

4.) Mike started back to school this week. I'm so proud of him. Please pray for my sanity as I am home by myself with the little people more and more.

5.) I have exactly four more days as a 41 year old person. Strangely, I'm okay with that. I have an entire day planned of freebies for my birthday.

6.) You may remember how crushed I was to learn that Rick Springfield was no longer doing the Rick and friends cruises. Well. I discovered a few days ago that instead of a cruise this year they are doing a Rick and friends vacay to Cancun and everyone is staying at Club Med. Fun! How I wish I had $2000 sitting around and nothing to do with it. You can even pay extra to take acting lessons with him! I would totally do that.

7.) We've had some balmy days in the 70's around here this week. Weird having a warm January, but it has made for some glorious days of park fun for the kids.

8.) One last thing. I want to see a movie for my birthday. Possibly all by myself. Should I see Mission Impossible whatever or The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo or the new Sandra Bullock movie? What's the hot ticket these days?


  1. Just imagine how big his brains will be when he figures out cleaning his room : ) I saw The dragon Tattoo and thought it was good. I have no idea about the other ones. I only got to see the dragon because I was at my sister's. However I am so looking forward to the hunger games and I will see it come hell or high water.

  2. me too! just finished the last book this morning...can't get them out of my head!

  3. Love how little boys like to hide toys in random places. Actually, I guess it's not that random after all.

    Need to start reading the Hunger Games! I'm behind. I had to work through the Twilight series first so I could see at least 2 of them in the theater.