Sunday, January 15, 2012

Princess Em

I am having the hardest time lately getting good pictures of Emma Mae. She's either twirling around so they come out blurry or she's got some surly expression on her face. But I had to try today since she was wearing her new princess skirt. She actually requested that we call her Princess today instead of Emma. And on the occasions when I slipped up and called her by her given name she quickly corrected me and said "Mama! I Princess, not Emma, 'k?" Girl knows what she wants. Of course later I overheard Jake telling her "hey, Princess? I really just want to call you Emma. Would that be okay?" And she said "sure"! For she is a kind and benevolent princess. If only the queen over here had realized it would be that easy to get her to go back to the name she was born with. And look, I know her hair is a mess. We had it up in a ponytail most of the day which was fabulous, but she tore it out for picture time.

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