Monday, January 23, 2012

the day before 42

Well, I had a relatively good last day of being 41. We went to school/work today and our kids were really good. Then we came home and Jake and Emma were really good. I made sure they both knew that tomorrow is my birthday because I want to make sure we have a good day tomorrow and a little prep never hurts anything. Jake was so sweet and told me the necklace he made for me at school today was actually my birthday present. I bet he was glad his teachers made him make a necklace this morning. He is totally covered now. He also told me that he wanted to buy me a birthday cake tomorrow. He even asked me what kind I want. Then he said "okay, mama. i'll buy you a cake as long as you're good and don't put us in time out." Note to self. Teach Jake about unconditional love and selfless giving.

For her part, Emma Mae promised not to have any emotional breakdowns tomorrow that might result in me yelling/screaming/having a rise in blood pressure or pulling my hair out. We'll see how that goes. When I tucked her in bed tonight she said "mama, I have some bad news." I was all "okay?" and she was all "i left a big mess in the playroom, i got a lot of toys in there." So, I told her that it was okay this one time. I think she was just wanting me to know about the mess tonight so I wouldn't see it first thing in the morning. Such a sweet girl!


  1. All I want to add to your title is... and all through the house, not a toddler was screaming, not even a mouse.

    I have NO idea why, but it popped into my head. I'm weird, I know.


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  3. Okay...and that was me apparently posting twice. I have no idea why it posted twice. Too much technology!