Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bringing in the new year

Whew. I'm kind of glad the holiday season is over. I love it, but after six weeks of celebrating various things I'm pooped. Time to get this family back on a good schedule.

I took the kids to Amarillo to visit my parents the day after Christmas. They did really well on the long drive. We ended up staying until New Year's Eve because the heater in our JEEP decided to go AWOL at long last. The last two hours of our drive the heater didn't work at all. It was 22 degrees outside. And it was 22 degrees in our car because not only would the heater not work, but I couldn't turn off the cold air either. The kids were bundled up with their blankets in the back while I was shivering in the front with cold, arctic air blowing in my face. Luckily, the car's seat heaters were working. However, they work too well. You can turn them on for about five minutes before the flesh in your thighs and booty starts to sear. So, to keep warm I turned on the seat heater and sat on my hands alternately for ten minute stretches to keep my core body temperature up. It was lovely. Anyhow, when my daddy found out about the driving conditions he took our JEEP to his mechanic and got it fixed forthwith. Do you watch Blue Bloods? I love the way the cops are always saying "forthwith."

Anyhow, we made it back home on New Year's Eve about 6:30. I was so tired from the week of sleeping in the same room with a thrashing Emma Mae and a sleep talking Jake that I didn't care to even pretend to want to stay up and usher out 2011 or say hello to 2012. We were in bed by 9pm. Unfortunately, that was about the time our neighbors decided to start shooting off fireworks. Really? I guess I understand fireworks at midnight on NYE but three hours of fireworks? Our dog was a mess. He is 130 pounds of pure dog until you start making things go BOOM! Then he quickly turns into a shivering, neurotic chihuahua of a dog. Needless to say, no sleep was to be had until after midnight. Bahumbug.

We spent the first day of 2012 recovering while watching Dora and Diego explore the world. Thanks to Pioneer Woman we had a delightful dinner of drip beef sandwiches and black eyed pea dip. Yum. Later, against my better judgement I decided to watch the Cowboys play for a spot in the playoffs. Oh, Cowboys. You keep breaking my heart. And I just keep coming back to you. Well, no more. I've decided that the next football team that comes along and treats me the way I want to be treated is getting my undivided attention next year. Your tight pants, trick plays and time management skills no longer have a hold on me. I think I'm quitting you. I just hope the next team I decide to back has a cutie patootie quarterback that can lead them to the Super Bowl.

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