Sunday, January 22, 2012

Birthday week 2012

It's here! I declare my birthday week begun! I believe deep in my heart that everyone should celebrate their birthday for a full week. So I will be celebrating until midnight on Saturday. Well, who are we kidding? The odds of my being up at midnight on Saturday are non existent so let's just say 10pm Saturday is when birthday week ends for me.

I started things off with a bang today by making my new favorite breakfast-a poached egg and an english muffin with a nice hot cup of mocha cafe. Who is this person I've become? What happened to pancakes and pop tarts?

Then I hauled the kids off to church and afterwards I used my first birthday coupon of the week-a free small sandwich at Schlotsky's. Love it! I think Mike is going to make me watch football tonight which is not my wish really because the Cowboys aren't playing. However, I'm gonna let it slide because last night I made him watch New Moon with me. And that it two hours that we can never get back. Anyhow, let the birthday festivities begin!


  1. a birthday haiku....

    birthday candles cake
    seven days you celebrate
    look a pretty bird.

  2. HA! I do miss your poetry girl...

  3. i have been cracking up at my own haiku all day! i am such a dork!