Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Artist at work

This morning Emma Mae came to me asking if she could paint. She has been painting for five days straight now. I said no this morning because yesterday her painting involved green and blue footprints on the carpet which I found disheartening.

Imagine my surprise when I saw her about ten minutes later with suspicious looking blue paint smeared all over her legs and face. So I questioned her. "Emma, did you get into the paint?" She said "no, mommy." I said "are you sure?" She just looked at me. I asked again, "Emma did you paint after mommy told you not to?" She said "no mommy." So I pointed to the paint all over her person and said "what's that?" Aha! Caught you! She said "mommy, those are just boo boos."

She is a little liar. How do you deal with lying? I've told her before that I will be more angry if she lies to me about something than if she just tells me the truth. Even if the truth hurts. Still, she lies. I was a liar too. I don't know if my parents remember or even if they knew. I was good at it. At some point though I had to force myself to stop telling little white lies. Even if they were told to make someone else feel better. I'm not sure what to do with my little mini me right now. Advice is appreciated!

Anyhow, after I got her cleaned up I went into the playroom to see if I needed to clean the carpet yet again. Not this time. This time she decided to redecorate the furniture. This chair is not supposed to be multi-colored. Although maybe it adds a little bit of flair to the room. What do you think?


  1. keep the chair!
    In 20 years after art school, the struggeling artist might want to sell it!

  2. I like it! Put some polyurathane over it and keep it. Years down the road, it will be a wonderful memento. :-)