Saturday, June 23, 2012

Toy story

Today we got to have our friends Leo and Max join us for some playtime. We spent some time at the park, played superheroes and even had story time. Then my sweet hubby came home and said "I want you to get out of the  house for a few hours." He even offered me money so I could go see the new Tom Cruise movie. What a sweet hubby!

I didn't go to the movie, however, because I had an errand I needed to do. During the summer I like to sell things we don't use anymore to make cash. So a few days ago, I sold one of Jake's old toys online for $4 and arranged to meet the lady that wanted it at Kohls not too far away. Anyhow. I post things on this online yard sale page for people in our town and the small town next to us. Everyone has a picture and I haven't really thought about safety with it before.

The lady I was supposed to meet was named Amanda. I texted her when I got to Kohls and she said she was pulling in to the parking lot and asked me where I wanted to meet her. So I said that I would meet her out front. She said okay. I went out front and waited for a few minutes. No Amanda. Then she texted me again and said she was inside the store by the men's section. She said she was wearing a black t-shirt, a hat and she had a black goatee. I was all "wow". Here is a woman with enough facial hair to grow a goatee and she just owns it. Not embarrassed at all. Then reality kicked in and I realized she must have sent her husband to meet me. Turns out I wasn't meeting Amanda. I was meeting a man, duh? Would have been nice if she had told me that.

Anyhow. I walked to the mens section and found a man matching the description. I was feeling kind of weird about the whole situation. I had the toy stuffed in my purse and I sort of felt like some shady toy dealer. So I walked over to this man and said "hey, are you here for the toy?" And he just looked at me all weird and said "uh, no." I was all "oh." "Sorry dude." And I walked off. Then I saw a man, duh? waiting outside of Kohls that fit the description. Walked up to him and said the same thing and thank the Lord it was the right person this time. He gave me an extra dollar for my trouble. Score!

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