Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Categories, such as...

I'm adding a new category to my life. It's called "Things I choose to do nothing about vs. Things I must do something about." Maybe it's actually two categories. Anyway. Some things that might go into the "Things I choose to do nothing about" might be:

1.) The wrinkly skin on my knees. I call it elephant knee syndrome. And I surrender.

2.) People who say "supposably" instead of "supposedly". I can't help you.

3.) The water that keeps leaking out all over the floor from the back of our refrigerator. Sounds expensive.

4.) The forever long baseball season. Who cares?

5.) The fact that neither one of our children pronounce the "L" sound. I wuv you sounds cute.

Some things that might go into the "Things I must do something about" include but are not limited to:

1.) The stray hairs that pop out all over my face.

2.) The pooch in my tummy, muffin top, whatever you want to call it. I know I must do something about it but I haven't figured out what yet. I do know that eating more brownies did not help.

3.) Organizing the endless stream of toys and toy parts around here.

4.) The hornet nest that has been built two feet away from the children's swingset. By the way, buying that playscape has produced a summer miracle. As of today, both children can successfully swing themselves!

5.) Teaching Jake that no matter how much he loves it, no matter how freeing it is, he must not walk around in only his underwear in front of people not in his immediate family. He is having such a hard time with this. He just doesn't get that it is not appropriate for the construction workers building the houses behind us to see him playing outside in his tighty whities. Or that he should put shorts on before going over to play with the neighbor children. And also, that his hands don't actually belong inside his underwear on a permanent basis. For real.


  1. Yes, you need to hustle and take care of the hand in the underwear. There is nothing that grosses me out more when I'm reading a book to the whole class, and I look at my class to see a little boy with his hand down the front of his pants. You do not want his teacher dealing with that.
    I have wrinkly knees too.

  2. These are great! I share some of them, and want to not care about them either. But, sometimes I still do. :-) Great post!