Friday, June 1, 2012

Things that are awesome

1.) Having all three of your cars in the shop on the same day.

2.) Reaching your hand into a carton of eggs to pull one out and having it break all over your fingers and drip down the inside of the refrigerator.

3.) Looking out your back windows where once you saw only blue sky and green trees and seeing a row of houses directly behind you.

4.) Waking up in the wee hours of the morning for going on a week now with a stomach ache.

5.) Getting back the car with the broken air conditioner that you just paid $260 to fix and driving it for two minutes when you realize that the AC is still broken.

6.) Taking it back and having them tell you that they fixed the problem you brought it in for but it has another problem now that will cost an additional $600 to fix. Having them tell you they didn't realize you wanted them to check and make sure the entire AC was working before they returned the car to you. Realizing that you have spent more in car repairs on said car in the last year and a half than the car is actually worth. That is really awesome.

7.) Having a cat who is determined to poop and pee on your newly cleaned carpet.

8.) Cheese.

9.) Grace, love, peace and mercy.

10.) Knowing God who is bigger than all of my problems. And prayer. If you think about it, could you send some of that my way today? Thanks!

**11.) I totally forgot this one! When the construction workers building the house next door dig up your internet cable and cut it into. Then they call Time Warner out to repair it and that guy screws up your Dish Cable TV somehow and then tries to blame it on your kids pushing buttons on the TV. Awesome.


  1. Car problems are definitely not awesome.

  2. OMG. That car is going to give you a heart attack. You should sell it and get a Corvette. What? It's a family car, no?

  3. Just said a prayer for whatever is ailing you today. :-) That God we have God.