Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Adventure #4

Yesterday Mike and I took Jake to see the Avengers movie.This was only Jake's fourth movie to see in the movie theater so I think it counts as an adventure. The movie was really good if not a little intense at times. Jake's eyes were the size of dinner plates the whole time. I asked him if it was too scary for him and he just said "this is the best movie EVER!" I enjoyed it as well.

Emma Mae got to stay home and have my friend Leslie's daughter Taryn stay with her. She was pretty excited to have special "girl time" with Taryn. Apparently, she even told Taryn that they are now best friends. That hurts a little bit because I thought I was Em's best friend. But apparently, whoever is currently playing with Emma is her best friend. Where's the loyalty I ask you?

Anyhow, the kids have had friends over here to play with them every day for the past four days. It's kind of nice because they have entertainment, but I also see a future career as a referee in store for myself. Issues with sharing anyone?

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