Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Adventure #6&7

Yesterday I finally did what I say I'm going to do every summer. I invited some of Jake's classmates over for a playdate. Three of them showed up and we went swimming all morning long. The kids were wiped out afterwards. So was I. Totally worth it though seeing how excited the kids were to see each other after three weeks out of school.

Today I met my neighbor Misty and her kiddos at a park in Austin that we've never been to. You know you just can't beat free entertainment. This park had different playground toys than you normally see. It was very cool. There was also a pond with hungry ducks and geese nearby. The kids had a blast for an hour. And then everyone got hot, hungry and vewy cwanky. And I got lost on the way home. So a thirty minute drive turned into an hour drive. Because I am awesome.


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  2. weird playground equipment! Looks like fun