Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer adventure #2

I'm planning adventures for us for every week this summer. To make the time pass by more quickly. Groupons have been purchased and research has been done. Last week we took the kids back to the wooden playground in San Marcos. I wanted Mike to see it. He was impressed. After the kids played awhile, we went back down to the river to throw some rocks in the water. Why do kids love throwing rocks so much?

Then Mike and I got hungry and made the kids leave so we could grab some lunch. I had a Groupon to a place called Gil's Broiler Room. All the reviews of this place were so good. It is supposedly the oldest restaurant in San Marcos and they are supposed to have really good hamburgers. And Mike and I are on a crusade to find the best burger ever so we were pretty excited to go there. The girl who took our order was pretty cute. We told her we had never been there before and she couldn't believe that we had never even heard of Gil's until I saw the Groupon for it. She said and I quote "that's weird because we're kind of a big deal around here." I just thought that was so funny. I think I'm going to start saying that to people on daily basis until I believe it myself. I'm just going to introduce myself as Kim and say "I'm kind of a big deal" and see what happens.

I asked them to smile without being goofy and this is what I got. Work with me here people.

Okay. The burgers were good, but not the best burger I've ever eaten. In fact, I left almost half of it on my plate. But we also purchased these manske rolls which are also supposed to be a big deal. And they really were. Very good.

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