Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer adventure #5

Yesterday was Mike's day off so I dusted off a Groupon and we took the kids out for a bit. We went to the Book People in down town Austin. The groupon I had was for an hour long petting zoo/story time/craft making extravaganza. It was really pretty neat. The kids had a good time. Emma Mae was shockingly into the story time portion of the morning. She likes it when I read to her at home, but she's never done really well at story time at the library. But she was so involved during this story time, answering questions and everything! Of course, one of the questions the story teller asked was "what did so and so say to get what he wanted in this story?" The answer was "please" but Emma Mae shouted out "NO!" You can see how things go at our house right?

Little girl loved her bunny at first.

Jake held a bunny, a goose, a duck, a guinea pig and a tortoise.

Emma was not so excited by our albino guinea pig. He had red eyes. He can't help that he looks like a demon.

This was my favorite. A chinchila. I want one. They are the softest animals on earth. I want a bed of them. And Emma kept calling them "cachila's."

There were even bubbles. You just can't beat bubbles. Afterwards, we headed out to a new burger joint in our quest for best burger alive. Dead. You know what I mean.

All Star Burger at the Hill Country Galleria did not disappoint. Yummy. We had a great day exploring new places.


  1. Look how big my nose is in the 4th pic.....WOW!!!

  2. I want a chinchilla too. lol looks like a lot of fun and a burger is the best way to end a day. yum!!

  3. We had a chinchilla. They live 25 years unless they get chinchilla cancer and die. On the day of you 14 year olds birthday party with 40 of his friends over.
    He was the sweetest baby though. And they are nocturnal. FYI

  4. how horrid! i still want one...

  5. The only reason I do not have one is that I looked up their life span a few years ago when I seriously considered buying one. lol