Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lock and Key

You know how there are some items at the store now that you can't just go in and buy? Like razors and certain medications? Because somewhere some teenager discovered how to make bombs or drugs that make you act like a zombie from them?

Well. I've decided that I want to have one of those cabinets in our house. A cabinet with a lock that requires a key to get it open. With glass doors so you can see what's inside and realize that if you didn't abuse those items they could be readily accessible to you. Here's what would be inside my cabinet.

1.) All of Emma Mae's paint.

2.) Markers of any kind.

3.) The cat. She can't make trouble if she's locked in a cabinet.

4.) Glitter nail polish.

5.) Toilet paper. Seriously, how can they go through a roll of toilet paper every single day and still have dirty underwear?

6.) Gummy fruit snacks.

7.) The bullets for Jake's nerf guns.

8.) Stickers.

9.) Cheese.

10.) Rick Springfield. Just so I could take him out every day and talk to him and have him sing me songs and call him my precious. Then I would put him back and save him for the next day.

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